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This easy to install kit replaces the 10 volt system on most 1960's and 1970's pachinko machines. Included in the kit are 5 12VDC bulbs that should screw right into the existing sockets. These bulbs shine far brighter than the 10VDC bulbs connected to 9VDC batteries most kits provide. Also included are 5 rubber grommets of the size commonly used by most manufacturers including Nishijin since these grommets are commonly crumbling on older machines. Finally, a 12VDC wall adapter is included with plenty of amperage to power all 5 lights at once without dimming at all. The power adapter cord reaches to the bottom of a typical pachinko machine case. This kit is easy to install with no knowledge of electronics required. Make your machine blaze brightly when that jackpot hits!

Since we find most original fuses to be blown, included in each kit (but not shown) is a replacement fuse to ensure your lights work right the first time.

**NOTE: These grommets are brand new, and may be difficult to slide into the machine slots.They fit very snuggly.

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Installation Instructions:


Step 1: Identify all bulbs that need to be changed. This includes bulbs under center jackpot and other features.

Step 2: Slide grommet from holder to access the bulb assembly.

Step 3: Unscrew old bulb from holder

Step 4: Remove old grommet from socket. Replace old grommet with new grommet, replace old bulb with new bulb, and slide grommet back onto holder.

Step 5: Replace old fuse with new fuse.

Step 6: Attach leads from power supply to the two rightmost lugs.

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