Pachinko Information

Information about vintage and antique pachinko machines can be hard to find and there are lots of conflicting opinions out there. Here we have put together the best information we could find to help the hobbyist, the enthusiast, or the curious find the information they seek. We hope you can find here what you seek, and if not, just drop us an email and we will try and help!

What is Pachinko?

A basic overview of the game of pachinko for those who are not familiar with the game.

History of Pachinko

A history of pachinko machine design and development.

How old is my Machine?

A discussion of several methods to determine the age of pachinko machines.

How much is my machine worth?

Some basic guidelines you can use to determine the market value of your pachinko machine.

How can I sell my machine?

This primer will help you determine the best way to sell your pachinko machine.

Gallery of machines by manufacturer

A work in progress, this library of images and information can help you find specific information about your machine.

Instructional videos

These videos have been uploaded to youtube to help people learn more about pachinko machines.

Links to other resources

If you can't find what you are looking for here, try some of the links provided here.

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