1971 Nishijin

1971 Nishijin
Rear mechanics: "A" style
Payout style: All-15
Glass size: 18" x 16" (two panes)
Playfield graphics: At least 3 different

The 1971 Pachinko Machine from Nishijin is a very common model in the United States. It is easily recognizable by the large green loader tray on the front.. The upper left plasic part was a series of orange and red octogons, and the lower left showed balls in the jacpot hopper as well as two green lenses. The ball low hopper light is located behind the upper left. The win light (if used) was always located behind the center attraction. The spinners were 6-slot painted white with a green center. Some models were made with the ball feed mechanism attached to the loader door, and rarely they can be found with the mechanism attached to the playfield.

The front case was always a maize wood finish.

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