1964 Daiichi

1964 Daiichi singleshot
Rear mechanics: "B" style
Payout style: Undetermined at this time
Glass size: Undetermined at this time
Playfield graphics: Undetermined at this time

The 1964 offering from Daiichi is a hard to find model in the United States. It is easily recognizable by the geometric shapes around the front tray. Also has the word DAIICHI punched out only in the middle of the top of the chrome frame; unlike the 1963 model where it went all the way across the top. The spinners are 9-slotted and painted white, with a red center, black circle, gold circle, and red rim. Has newer back mechanics that have more plastic on them than the 61-63 models. The front case was always a maize wood finish with a white laminate strip behind the front ball tray.

Typical unrestored 1964 Daiichi Pachinko Machine

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