The Daiichi company was founded March 1st in 1952 in Aichi Prefecture, basically just north of Nagoya, Japan. The word Daiichi means "Number One". Daiichi pachinko machines from the mid 1970's are fairly common in the United States. These machines are mainly recognized by their slanted ball panel and the 2 different types of laminate on the front of them. Daiichi also loved their logo and name, so they decided to put it everywhere on their machines. It is always fun to see how many logos or Daiichi names you can find on your machine.

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1961 Daiichi

1962 Daiichi

1963 Daiichi

1964 Daiichi

1965 Daiichi

1966 Daiichi

1967 Daiichi

1968 Daiichi

1969 Daiichi

1970 Daiichi

1971 Daiichi

1972 Daiichi

1973 Daiichi

1974 Daiichi

1975 Daiichi

1976 Daiichi
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