1964 Nishijin

1964 Nishijin singleshot
Rear mechanics: pre - "A" style recycler
Payout style: All-15
Glass size: 20" x 16" (two panes)
Playfield graphics: Undetermined at this time

The 1964 offering from Nishijin is a very uncommon model in the United States. It is easily recognizable by the two yellow plastic reflectors surrounding the tray. The tray will read "Nishijin" in large letters on the front, and a small impala insignia will be stamped in the chrome flipper cover. In the upper left of the playfield was a green light that illumintes when the ball hopper was low. The lower right also had a green light that illuminated if a second jackpot ball was cached. The lower left showed balls in the jackpot hopper through a clear plastic lens. The win light (if used) was always located behind the center attraction. The spinners were 3-slot painted white with two thin pink stripes. The rear mechanics of the machine will be constructed almost completely of metal, with a large number of components made either of brass or copper, with orange plasic lenses as win pocket tracks.

It is not known if tulips were used on any 1964 Nishijin models. The only known example (shown below) features a chrome impala backlit in green, although there are probably others.

The expiration sticker will be be two circles, pink and teal, and will indicate the number "40" on the teal portion. The manufacture tag is an inverted triangle just above the shooter that will read "1964".

The front case was probably always a maize wood finish. The front swings open on a frame secured by two very large hinges on the left side..

Typical restored 1964 Nishijin

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