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Pachinko Planet Youtube Channel

The following links are all to pachinko-related videos. The first list are those produced by pachinko planet, and the second list is some other cool videos we found on youtube. Click in the lower right of the image to view in fullscreen mode. Enjoy, and if you like them or find them useful, give us a thumbs up!

Youtube videos by Pachinko Planet

1964 Nishijin singleshot in action

1970 Nishijin front overflow in action

1974 Sankyo Trio in action

1974 Nishijin Woodpecker in action

1976 Togin in action

Vintage flipper removal tutorial

1973 Nishijin Shiroi Kamome Green Star

1976 Nishijin Shiroi Kamome Montreal Olympics

1974 Nishijin Shiroi Kamome in action

Other Interesting videos

1950's documentary in Japanese

Neat overview of a 1950's half gauge machine

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