1976 Nishijin Shiroi-Kamome

1976 Shiroi-Kamome
Rear mechanics: "B" style
Payout style: All-15
Glass size: 16" x 16" (two panes)
Playfield graphics: 6 different playfields labeled 51-21 through 51-26.

The 1976 Shiroi-Kamome from Nishijin is an uncommon model in the United States. It is easily recognizable by the plastic parts surrounding the rails on the playfield. The upper left plasic part features a red circle with the word "Stop" in orange across it, and is illuminated when the rear ball hopper is low. The win light (if used) was either located behind the center attraction, or behind the red, orange, and purple bar down the right side. The spinners were 6-slot painted white with a pink stripe across the slots with a light blue center. The badge on the front feeder tray Identifies it clearly as a Shiroi-Kamome, which translates to english as "White bird".

One of the more popular center attractions was the "Montreal olympics (shown below)", although there are at least a few others known.

The expiration sticker will be on a red background with three squares, pink, yellow and blue, and the number 52 will be found on a bottom line of print below the bottom of the yellow portion. It is not unusual for 1976 models to display a 53 on the expiration tag due to model year transitions.

The front case was always coated with a thin almond laminate. additionally, the cover around the flipper was chrome, as opposed to the standard 1976 models which were red.

Typical 1976 Nishijin Shiroi-Kamome

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