1974 Nishijin Shiroi-Kamome

1973 Nishijin Shiroi-Kamome
Rear mechanics: "B" style
Payout style: All-15
Glass size: 16" x 16" (two panes)
Playfield graphics: 6 different playfields labeled 49S-01 through 49S-06.

The 1974 Shiroi-Kamome from Nishijin is a very common model in the United States. It is easily recognizable by the two plastic parts surrounding the rails on the playfield. The upper left plasic part was an upside-down rainbow, and the lower right is a plasic representation of 34 chrome playing balls. The ball low hopper light is located behind the upper left. The win light (if used) was always located behind the center attraction. The spinners were 6-slot painted white with a pink stripe across the slots with a dark brown center. Two variations of the overflow tray emblems are known. The orange with black super deluxe with a bar extending across to the flipper, with "Its a beautiful day" stamped in the center is the most populous. Occasionally the white with blue emblem from 1973 was used as well. A small metalic rectangle on the right of the "Nishijin" badge on the front ball feeder tray will have "Shiroi-Kamome" in very small print. Shiroi-Kamome translates to english as "white bird" or "white Seagull."

Some of the more popular center attractions include the "Owl", the "Clown", and "Center Marine (shown below)", although there are at least a dozen others.

The expiration sticker will be three squares, pink, yellow and blue, and the number 50 will be found on the bottom of the yellow portion in a microscopic font. It is not unusual for some model year 1975 machines to display the 50 on the expiration tag due to model year transitions.

Additionally, an electromechanical pachinko machine was also produced in 1974 called the Powerflash. These machines had 9 tulips of various colors and the background was typically solid blue. See powerflash for a complete description.

It is also important to note that the 1973 model will have the front frame extend all of the way to the bottom, whereas a 1974 will stop short around 2 inches.

The front case was either maize wood finish, or coated with a thin almond laminate.

Typical 1974 Nishijin Shiroi-Kamome

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